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Wedding Rings


Your wedding at St. Mary's is a sacred ritual that celebrates your desire to enter a lifelong relationship and to do so before God. It is a sacrament, which is an outward and visible sign of God's grace bringing two people together and nurturing their love.

In order to marry at St. Mary's there are certain requirements under both Australian law and Church law that have to be met. These requirements include at least one person from the couple being baptised and if either person has been previously married and divorced, we need to request permission from the Bishop. All couples are required to complete an approved course of marriage preparation.


Please note that under current Church rules, we are unable to celebrate weddings for same-sex couples.

When planning your wedding, please keep in mind that certain dates may not be available due to religious observances. These include Holy Week (the week before Easter), and the week before  Christmas.

As you prepare for marriage we invite you to join us regularly for worship at St. Mary's.

We are pleased to offer a choice of two church buildings for your wedding ceremony. St. Mary's Church can accomodate a maximum of 90 people (including the bridal party), and St. Mary's Family Centre can accomodate up to 300 people.

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We are always pleased to hear from those seeking Baptism for themselves or their children. Baptism is available to all those who seek to follow Jesus.


Adult candidates for baptism are expected to spend some time worshipping at St. Mary's as well as attending a short course over several weeks to help them understand what following Jesus involves. Usually, it is the bishop who baptises adults and they typically are admitted to Holy Communion at the same time.


For infants, baptism should not be confused with a naming ceremony. When an infant is baptised, parents and godparents undertake to bring the child up in the Christian faith so that in due course the child might make their own commitment to follow Christ when they are old enough to do so at a service of Confirmation.

Baptism at St. Mary's usually takes place during a Sunday Parish Eucharist at 9.30am in the presence of our congregation. Please note that private baptisms are only offered in exceptional circumstances.



In the Anglican Church, the funeral service is a significant rite of passage from life to death. It helps us to acknowledge the loss of a loved one, give thanks for their life, say our final goodbyes, and begin to move forward.

St. Mary's Parish Church is a sacred place where families have celebrated many important milestones such as Baptisms,  Confirmations, and Weddings.


Our clergy work closely with families and funeral directors to prepare a service that reflects the character and faith of the recently departed.


Our Memorial Garden provides a peaceful option for the interment of ashes, and the names of those buried in this way can be recorded in a Memorial Plaque on the garden wall.

To book a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral at St. Mary's, please contact the Parish Office.

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